Crack Repair

We have patented Technology to repair Cracks up to 36 inches
If you wake up some morning and you see a crack running across your windshield you now have an alternative to replacing your windshield. Our Multi Head Technology repairs Cracks up to 36 inches with a Lifetime Warranty. Windshield repairs usually in less than 15 minutes to perform.
Your Insurance Company will pay for all or most of the repair by waving your deductible. Insurance companies see significant savings by repairing windshields instead of replacing them. To promote this savings they will waive your deductible and pay for most or the entire repair cost.

If you call in the claim before calling us “beware” you will be talking to a glass claims administrator that is affiliated with a large replacement company. They will tell you need a new windshield and that the crack can not be repaired. Tell them you want A Chick And A Windshield to do a repair on your long crack and save you replacing your windshield. Tell them that we lifetime warranty our crack repairs against spreading further.
It is very important to repair cracks as soon as you see them. Cracks may spread every day, and dirt accumulates in the crack. Even though A Chick And A Windshield can repair a crack up to 36 inches. Repair your cracks as soon as possible to get the best possible repair. Cracks over 3 months may need to be replaced. Chip repairs have no time limited because the dirt can not penetrate into them like it does in cracks.