Windshield Inspection

Prevent Windshield Replacement!
Inspect your Windshield for Damage.

Many people have asked us how we know if a chip needs repaired:
Typically when a rock hits the windshield it does one of two things. One is it hits your windshield and takes a small nick out of the surface. We call these damages sand blasting or pitted. Your windshield may have literally thousand of these little tiny surface damages. These damages usually will not cause your windshield to crack however to make sure stop in and we will inspect your windshield for FREE. In some case the damage the customer comes in to have us inspect is just a small sand pit however after inspection we find another damage that the customer did not realize they even had.We have saved many windshields chips from cracking that would have gone Un noticed by inspecting the windshield for our customers. 

Two, If the rock hits hard enough to damage the windshield to the plastic lamination in the center of the windshield you have a high probability of a cracked windshield. These damages are just waiting for an excuse to become long cracks. Repair these damages right away to prevent an expensive replacement. We call these damages a stone bruise or rock chip. The way you can tell if the rock has damaged the windshield to the lamination is to look for dark of black colored area. This dark colored area is an air pocket that is created when the rocks impacts the windshield. There are 3 typical types of damages Stars, Bulls-eyes, and Combination breaks.


Stars usually have small legs and their may be several of these small legs emanating out from the impact point. Most stars can be successfully repaired in 15 minutes or less. These types of damages are very prone to cracking and should be repaired right away.


Bulls-eyes usually are circular shaped emanating around the impact point. These are also easily repaired in less than 15 minutes of less. Bulls-eyes repair very well in many cases you will have a hard time finding the repair after it is performed.

Combination Breaks:

Combination breaks are a combination of a bulls-eye and a star break. Some combination breaks have a larger impact point where the rock impacted the windshield. These damages repair very easily. The finished repair may show a little more because of the larger impact point. Combination breaks are usually caused by larger rocks.

Then there are Cracks:

Windshields do not just up and crack. Typically the windshield is impacted by a rock and then goes through a temperature change. Once the windshield heats up or gets cooled quickly the rock chip then expands into a crack. Cracks can be repaired by A Chick And A Windshield’s Patented Technology. Most other repair shops are limited to 6 inches. A Chick And A Windshield can successfully repair cracked windshields up to 36 inches. If your windshield starts to crack, call us right away time if of the essence. Cracks can grow clear across your windshield in even a day or two.

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