“We have used A Chick & A Windshield probably 3 times in the last few months because of rocks damaging our windshields. It is so convenient to be able to get the windshield repaired immediately without having to make an appointment. I work full time and it is difficult to get the car in for repairs. These guys have always been there when we needed repairs. They are quick & convenient.” – A. & B. S.

“I am a very busy mom and career woman. I was very happy to be able to take care of my windshield on my lunch hour. The service was wonderful.” – M. N.

“I was so impressed with the service I received today at A Chick & A Windshield Mobile Service. The sign seemed too good to be true; “Most cracks repaired for free!” Come On!! I had 3 dings, one long crack about 15 inches. In less than _ hour my windshield was just about perfect! While I waited, I called my insurance company — sure enough- a new windshield would have cost me hundreds of dollars, but the repair was completely covered. Even the deductible was waived!! On top of everything else, the people who helped out were knowledgeable & courteous. I will be back — with all of my friends!” – P. C., Teacher District 11

“Working full time leaves me struggling to find enough time in the day to get much-needed tasks accomplished. After finding a large crack & several chips in my windshield, I was able to stop by the conveniently located A Chick & A Windshield service to have my windshield repaired. The service was great and quick. What a way to save time!” – M. H.

“A Chick & A Windshield saved me from having to replace a very expensive windshield! Thanks, guys!” – K. H.

“This is the second time I’ve used A Chick & A Windshield Mobile Glass Service. The ability to get repairs done is a great convenience as is the fact that the whole process takes less than 30 minutes. Service has been excellent and I have passed this along to other people. You may call me for more information if you wish.” – J. A.

“I am very pleased with the work done by A Chick & A Windshield. The convenience of their mobile repair service far exceeds the time and effort needed to make an appointment somewhere else. This is a valuable service. The work is done in no time and saves me from putting off getting the repair done, which would eventually cause me to have to replace my windshield.” – J. S.

“A Chick & A Windshield is a phenomenal service. After chipping my windshield I thought of the shop at the corner and got it fixed in about 15 minutes. The service is so convenient, friendly, and fast and I would recommend it to whoever has a windshield that needs fixing in a reasonable amount of time.” – J. R.

“I like the fact that I didn’t have to make an appointment and there were no lines. It was easy and quick!! I probably would have never gotten it done otherwise!!!” – S. E.

“My hat is off to A Chick & A Windshield for this true saving service. Weekends are hectic; this allowed me to take care of projects with one quick stop. Thanks for your help.” – C. C.

“Excellent service, friendly, prompt and efficient!” – A. S.

“I am very impressed with the service that “A Chick & A Windshield” provides. This is the height of convenience for me & I’ve used the services several times.” – M. R.

“The windshield repair was great! We avoided a new windshield and were able to save time. Highly recommended.” – M. M.

“My name is Tina & I just want to say how convenient this service is to me. A Chick & A Windshield is a great service and they do excellent work.” – T. M. B.

“As soon as I got the chip in my windshield last night (4-12-01) I immediately thought that I’d have A Chick & A Windshield take care of it. You did a quick and great job last time so I knew to use you again. I like that it’s so convenient and a quick reminder on a busy day. Thanks A Chick & A Windshield.” – J. W.

“I was driving by and stopped by to get my windshield repaired. What a service A Chick & A Windshield has provided — quick and painless. I probably would have waited until the chip had become a cracked windshield and needed replacement had they not been so convenient.” – T. R.

“A Chick & A Windshield was incredibly convenient and since I had seen her in the past. I knew I would have great service. Cracked windshields can be very expensive if allowed to grow, so this service saved me a lot of money!” – T. W

“Great convenience for repair. Quick service. Repair looks fine.” – W. A.

“I have noticed the mobile chip & crack repair for several months. Although I have never had a need for it: I thought it was an excellent idea. As luck would have it, a rock hit my windshield 2 days ago. I was grateful to have a convenient location to go and have it taken care of. Had this service not been provided and been so easily accessible I know that I would have put off having it repaired which, would have resulted in further damage, resulting in replacement of the entire windshield. I think this is a wonderful idea and a great benefit for the consumer.” – D. S.

“Today I needed to get my windshield repaired. The A Chick & A Windshield service is very handy. Thanks for being part of the community.” – K. J.

“The convenience of A Chick & A Windshield is a tremendous time saver. Their work is High Quality and their service is professional.” – K. C.

“Totally satisfied customer here! What a novel concept! Drive up service that’s courteous, convenient & complete! Beats the heck out of making extra trips to glass repair facilities, etc. In today’s fast paced schedule, the whole idea of a convenient, easily accessible service is refreshing and well received. Great concept!” – D. J. N.